Tuesday, 13 September 2011

It's all going swimmingly here . . . !

I don't know how it's going where you are, but the New Translation is going very well here.

I think introducing the texts gradually over a few weeks earlier in the year with a short explanation in our parish newsletter has helped, and also introducing the New Translation for the weekday Masses during the week leading up to the 'launch' on Sunday 4th September has been beneficial too.

Of course, we still make mistakes from time time, both in the pews and in the sanctuary but that is only to be expected with anything new. I don't think it's my imagination but I feel that the natural 'slips of the tongue' are slowly becoming fewer.

Personally, I'm now impatient to receive the full Missal and look forward to seeing the New Translation of the texts for Advent. It will be good too to have a 'proper Missal' on the altar rather than the rather flimsy interim version.

Thank you to all in the parish who have helped to make the transition from the 'old translation' of the Missal to the new go so smoothly.