Monday, 25 February 2008


This is a new venture for us at St Ann's and the technology is all very new to me so I ask you to be patient and excuse all the beginner's mistakes! The aim of this blog is to bring you up to date with news and events from our parish and give readers an insight into what makes our parish 'tick'.

I don't promise to be able to 'blog' daily or even weekly but if I have anything to say and time to put it down in print, then I hope I'll be able to add a few comments and sometimes pictures which I find interesting and hope you will too.

From time to time there are items of particular interest in the Catholic media or in the secular press, radio and TV which are worth commenting on.

We'll just see how it goes! Please keep me and this new venture in your prayers.

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gloria sims said...

Have just read the latest happenings around St Ann's and believe this website is a fabulous idea as it keeps all in the Parish up to date with events, some of which they may have not known about.

Congratulations on the site and I look forward to using it on a regular basis.

Gloria Sims