Thursday, 20 March 2008

Chrism Mass

Last evening the bishop, priests, religious and many of the laity from around the diocese gathered at our cathedral in Arundel to celebrate the Chrism Mass. There, in solemn ritual, the holy oils used throughout the year in our diocese were blessed.
There are three oils. These are; the Oil of Catechumens, used to anoint those preparing for baptism, infants as well as adults; the Oil of the Sick, used in the sacrament of the anointing of the sick. Both of these oils are blessed while the third oil, the Oil of Chrism, after it has been mixed with the perfume balsam, is consecrated. This oil is used in baptism, confirmation and ordination as well as the dedication of a church.

These oils are taken back to the Deaneries and from there to each of the parishes in the diocese.

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Flick Saunders said...

This is the fourth year in succession that I have been able to go to the Chrism Mass.

It is very moving being present when the oils are blessed and chrism consecrated and knowing how these will be used throughout the year in our Dicocese. But before this occurs, all the many priests present offer a prayer of renewal of their committment, followed by the deacons and finally the laity - again a very powerful experience.

Being part of the choir singing throughout this Mass is such a privilege and it adds to the whole wonder of Holy Week.

Flick Saunders