Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Scripture Conference for Clergy.

From Tuesday afternoon clergy from across our diocese together with Bishop Kieran will be gathering at The Royal Holloway College, University of London for a Scripture Conference which will take place over the next few days. I myself will join as soon as I'm able after celebrating Mass early on Wednesday morning.

The theme of the conference is, 'Where Does the Jesus Story Begin?' and will be led by Father Denis McBride CssR, a well-known scripture scholar.

These sessions of ongoing formation for clergy are very important; not only for our ongoing formation but also to give clergy an opportunity to meet one another in relaxed surroundings away from the busy day to day life of the parish.

Please pray for the success of the conference and for all those who are attending.


layperson said...

Thank you for enlightening us
Fr Míceál. Hope you will find
it fruitful for your Ministry
in such beautiful surroundings
with your fellow Priests. God
Bless you all.

Joseph said...

And what a fab conference it was! Thanks to Fr Denis for his wisdom and insight.