Monday, 24 November 2008

The Gift That Pleased Jesus

In the Gospel of today's Mass Jesus tells the parable of 'the poverty-stricken widow' who put two small coins into the treasury.

He saw the rich making their contribution but Jesus comments that 'they contributed money they had left over.'

Of the poor woman's contribution, Jesus says, 'I tell you truly, this poor widow has put in all she had to live on.'

Our Lord was so pleased by the generosity of the poor widow that He wanted to tell his disciples, 'Then he called his disciples and said to them, 'In truth this poor woman has put more than all who have contributed to the treasury, for they have put in money they could spare'. (Mark 12: 43)

We must not be afraid to be generous; there may be many times we have to sacrifice things that SEEM necessary; but really how few things are truly necessary?

What is Our Lord asking from me today?

What is stopping Him from coming closer to me?

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