Thursday, 21 May 2009

Parish Pilgrimage - Day 4 . . .

Today our pilgrimage took us to Subiaco and the Benedictine Monastery of Sacro Speco.

Here you can get an impression of the inaccessibility of the monastery built on the slopes of Mount Taleo above Subiaco. This is Fr Francis, an American Benedictine, who gave us an excellent tour.

Looking down from the Monastery into the valley below.

Another view showing the approach to the monastery.

The beautiful Chapel of Our Lady.

The Secred Cave (Sacro Speco) of St Benedict. A cave on the slopes of Mount Taleo where St Benedict lived unknown for four years. He survived thanks to a monk called Romanus who protected his seclusion and life of prayer and brought him food secretly.

We fared much better than St Benedict as we had lunch together at the Ristorante Aniene.

Today was our 'day in the country'. Now we have a visit to San Clemente, a Basilica cared for by the Irish Dominicans..

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