Thursday, 15 April 2010

Mass for your intentions . . .

Here is a photo of the beautiful chapel at Lismullin - the Holy Family Oratory. I offered Mass today for all at St Ann's.

Below is an aerial view of Lismullin. As you can see it is ideally situated for a retreat centre. Surrounded by farmland, it really is possible to 'retreat' from the world for a few days and spend time in prayer and reflection which is so important, not just for clergy but for all of us.

If you've never thought of making a retreat, I do encourage you to seriously consider doing so. It needn't be for a week, just a day or so away from our usual busy every-day lives spent in prayer is so very beneficial to our spiritual growth. There are several retreat centres not too far away and they often offer a day's retreat or 'Quiet Day' for those unable to stay overnight.


Anonymous said...

Dear Fr Miceal

Oh if everyone realises just how fortunate we are, to have someone offer the mass for us. Thank you so much, also for the helpful advice.

maria t.

Khoi said...

Many thanks.
What a beautiful place!
Many people must have been drawn to prayer in such a church.
Lucky are those who can spend time in reflection and meditation...

mt said...

Dear Fr Miceal

Listening to a homily of a mass of H.H. the Pope recently,I was suddenly overcome with the realisation of a person in their eighties;who is still working full time!
If this isn't enough a spiritual father to millions,having to reassure each one of those millions of God's love equally!
Perhaps we should run to God more often,to seek the understanding of forgiveness!
Maybe the stone we are always ready to throw, will not be the size of a boulder!