Monday, 19 July 2010

Don't forget God during the holidays . . .

Of course I can't claim to have influenced the Holy Father in what he would say in his second Angelus address on Sunday, but it seems as if we are thinking along the same lines on this.

From the news agency, Rome Reports.

19th July, 2010. In his second Angelus address from Castel Gandolfo, Pope Benedict addressed pilgrims on the importance of prayer during their vacations.

Benedict XVI referred to the summer as a time when most are on holiday, including himself. He has suspended his audiences for a period.

He said summer holiday is a “favourable moment” to put first what is most important in life: listening to the Word of God.

“In today’s Gospel we are reminded of the need to rest from our daily labours, so that we may give time to the one thing that is truly necessary in our lives – listening to the word of God in attentive stillness.” Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict explained that everything will pass but the Word of God is eternal and gives meaning to our daily activities.

He said humans must work in domestic and professional activities, but need God because without love activities lose their value and give no joy.

As I said in our newsletter this week and repeated after each Sunday Mass; when you're making your preparations for your summer holidays and writing your check list;

tickets, foreign currency, sunscreen,
hotel reservations, cancel milk and papers,
arrange for someone to look after the dog/cat/hamster, etc. etc. . . .

Don't forget the most important thing -


I wish you all a very happy, restful and refreshing summer break and I look forward to seeing you all as usual on the Sundays when you're not actually out of the parish.

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