Sunday, 15 August 2010

Assumpta est Maria in Caelum, gaudent Angeli! Et Gaudet Ecclesia!

Assumpta est Maria in Caelum, gaudent Angeli! Et gaudet Ecclesia!

From the fifth century the Church has implicitly believed in the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, body and soul, into heaven. The dogma of the Assumption was promulgated by Pope Pius XII on 1st November 1950.

Mary's Assumption is a marvellous precursor of our own resurrection; it is made possible by Christ's own rising from the dead. St Paul reminds us, 'He will transfigure our lowly body, making it like his own body, radiant in glory' (Phil 3:21)

Our late Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, speaking about today's Solemnity says, 'Today's Solemnity is like a continuation of Easter, the Resurrection and Ascension of the Lord. It is at the same time, a sign and source of hope for eternal life and the future resurrection.'

Our Blessed Lady is a great advocate before the throne of God. May we ask her today; Mary, Refuge of Sinners, show us your son Jesus whom we are in need of above all else.

'Today the Virgin Mother of God is taken up into heaven to be the beginning and pattern of the Church in its perfection, and a sign of hope and comfort for your people on their pilgrim way.' (Preface of the Assumption).


EFpastor emeritus (Email: said...

lovely post, Father

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Carly says...

Have you seen/heard about the 4 bomb alerts in the Lourdes Sanctuaries on the Feast of the Assumption?

The scandal caused the police to evacuate 30,000+ pilgrims from the area.

Information can be read/downloaded from the web.

This news was slightly unnerving as the A+B diocese have just returned from their annual pilgrimage!