Thursday, 16 September 2010

Welcome Holy Father . . .

Welcome Holy Father!

Benvenuto Santo Padre!

Willkommen Heiliger Vater!

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Flick Saunders said...

I couldn't open your blog Fr Miceal but would like to add words of welcome to Pope Benedict.

Having just watched some of the Mass from Bellahouston Park I was moved by the size of the congregation gathered and clear declaration of faith. Having seen this who can say the Catholic church in this country is in trouble? There are clearly many of us practising our faith and willing to stand up and be counted.

I didn't hear the homily but listened to reporting on the main themes of it - may Pope Benedict continue over the next few days to reaffirm our Catholic faith and inspire a greater understanding of it's teaching throughout our nation.

I do hope he enjoys his visit to the Uk as much as some of us will enjoy being visited!