Tuesday, 22 February 2011

On Retreat . . .

Well, I've arrived! I was met with the usual, warm Opus Dei hospitality.

I know I've posted photos of the oratory here before but it is such a beautiful, peaceful and prayerful place, it is worth another airing.

In recent years I've made my retreat a little later in the year when the weather has been a little kinder but the sun is trying to shine today and the lovely grounds here at Lismullin encourage one to take a stroll even if it is a little damp.

Even after less than 24 hours here, I am beginning to 'hear' the silence. That really helps to get on 'God's wavelength'.


maria said...

Dear Fr Miceal

So glad you're safely at Lismullin,no better way to hear Our Lord's voice then through the silence of love and through creation!The photo you have posted is wonderful,thankyou for thinking of us all.St Ann's isn't the same when you not around,yet it is still a home where we can all go to pray for you as our spiritual father by resting on Our Heavenly Father's heart!Have a good retreat!

Anonymous said...

'Silence'- with the busy lives we lead these days, we forget to make these moments of silence happen. It gives us a time to think, reflect on what we are doing and why and indeed what path we want to take in the future. Pope John Paul II said "Prayer makes the Priest and through Prayer the Priest becomes himself.' I have this on my study wall to remind me to 'stop'to give myself time to pray and therefore grow spiritually.