Monday, 20 June 2011

Holy Mass, the Priesthood and the New Translation . . .

Looking at the Westminster Diocesan website recently, I was very interested to read this homily by Archbishop Vincent Nichols on the priesthood and the Holy Mass. It was given at the recent annual Celebration of Priesthood earlier this month.

Reflecting on the part played by the priest in the celebration of Mass, Archbishop Nichols highlighted four main areas for consideration.

Firstly that. 'liturgy is never my own possession, or my creation. It is something that we are given, from the Father.'

Secondly that 'the liturgy forms us, not us the liturgy'.

Thirdly that, 'our part is to offer the Mass as a service to the people.'

And, finally, that 'a profound celebration of the Mass inexorable gives rise to a practical expression of compassion and willing service.'

When you have a moment to spare I heartily recommend that you read the full text. I hope you will find it equally helpful whether a member of the laity or the clergy.

You'll find the whole of the Archbishop's homily here.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Fr Miceal,thankyou for the interesting link!As one of many that attend your mass,all I can say is that as a priest you manage to lead us to God in a profound way everytime you celebrate!The clear and slow manner in which you pronounce the words of the consecration,the gentleness with which you hold and distribute the Host!The incredibly uplifing silence you encourage for all, immediately after reception of the Host!These and many other moments, are a glimpse of God amongst His people!This occurs where there is humility in one's nothingness and the childlike acceptance of God's infinite greatness!!
As for the participation of assistant priests,deacons and laity together with the celebrant;we are like a fruit tree with its roots,trunk,branches,leaves and fruit!We all need each other in various but equal measure,to live and to give!Yet it is the breath of God,that gives life to the whole tree!