Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Social Media . . .

We're trying to follow our Holy Father's advice here in Banstead and use all types of media to reach out to people and spread the Good News of the Gospel.

To this end, we've just created a parish Facebook page. We hope that if you have your own Facebook account, you will search for the page and 'like' it so that you'll receive status updates directly to your account.

These are just our first faltering steps into social media, but if Pope Benedict XVI can use an iPad, I think it must be acceptable for us to follow in his footsteps, albeit on an 'old-fashioned' computer.

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ektsm said...

Great idea. I've started a blog for our parish but the parish Priest Fr. Rowles a few miles away has a f/book page and you can find their details at Mary Immaculate Parish.
Tut can't remember their address but their details are on our blog at www.catholichurchebbwvale.wordpress.com