Saturday, 6 June 2015

Corpus Christi and our new Baldacchino!

Thanks to the generosity of one of the families in our parish we are now the proud owners of a simply splendid baldacchino. The family have very kindly presented it to the parish in memory of a much-loved family member who sadly died earlier this year.

I couldn't resist having a good look at the canopy today. It has been laid out in readiness for tomorrow's procession after our 10am Mass which is also a Mass of Thanksgiving for all our First Holy Communion children, their families and catechists.

A side view showing the beautiful embroidery.

And a close up showing the detail of the centre-piece.

The shorter side of the canopy.

And the detail of the Agnus Dei motif.

The all-important final details. Note the white gloves almost out of the picture!

Now, for Holy Mass and the procession!


Flick Saunders said...

It's beautiful and very fitting for its sacred purpose.

Anonymous said...

Siamo molto impressionati con la bellezza di questo Baldacchino!Che onore! Complimenti.

Anonymous said...

It's Glorious!What is the origin of this Baldacchino please Fr.Miceal?It's not something we've seen in other Parishes!Thanks.