Monday, 14 April 2008

Church schools

It is the practice amongst the clergy of the Banstead Five Churches to exchange church magazines with one another and this is very useful as it gives us a better insight into each other's churches and congregations.

Recently I was looking through the latest edition of 'The Steeple', the parish magazine of our local Anglican church of All Saints, and I was interested to read the Vicar's comments on local church schools, both primary and secondary.

He notes that the local clergy of all denominations have seen an increase in requests for refrences and how, ' Schools ask clergy to tell how often the applicant goes to church, and, in some casess, how frequently one or both of their parents. Regular attendance before the application and during the time that the student is at the school is required.'

So, we are not alone in this practice. It's interesting to hear about this from another perspective.

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