Sunday, 21 December 2008

Our Young Parishioners ...

We are very fortunate at St Ann's to a good number of young boys and girls who wish to become Altar Servers once they have made their First Holy Communion.

Today at the 10 O'clock Mass 5 of our young servers who have been serving Mass for a year or more were enrolled into the Guild of St Stephen.

I was very impressed with the solemnity with which they made their promises and I'm sure they will follow previous servers in serving dutifully and with reverence. I should add that of course much of this is due to the excellent training given them by Kevin, our Deacon.

Congratulations to you all.

Another delightful event took place at the end of the same Mass this morning. The youngest children of our parish, our Children's Liturgy group, performed their Nativity Play.

During an excellent narration of the Christmas story by one of the adults, the children came and took up their positions in front of the altar. I should think many of the mothers in the congregation would have liked to have their own baby delivered in such a speedy, effortless manner - and complete with basket and clothing too when he arrived!

When all were in place they sang 'Away in a Manger' - accompanied by simple actions. I'm sure there was hardly a dry eye in the church! It is so moving to see them tell the story in the simple, innocent way that only children can.

Once again, very well done to all concerned.

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