Saturday, 24 January 2009

First Confessions ...

For the last two Saturdays our First Holy Communion children have been making their First Confession during our regular period for parish Confessions.

What a joy to see three generations of the same family at Confession. This is a great example not only to the children of the family but indeed to other children and adults present in church - including myself.

I feel that having First Confessions within the usual time for our parish Confessions is so much better than setting aside a separate time for the Sacrament. It also helps our children to realise that Confession is part of regular parish life and not a 'one off' occasion.


Rosemary said...

I have come to agree with you that this is the best way. Hopefully many families will return and make it a regular event

Jonathan said...

Confession is rarely "easy" but it is something that marks our identity as Roman Catholics and gives us the graces for living the authetic crhistian life. It reminds us that on our own we will fail we have to rely on Jesus if we are to attain salvation