Friday, 10 April 2009

Holy Thursday and Good Friday

Our Altar of Repose.

Taken at midnight last night after the Blessed Sacrament had been transferred to the sacristy.

'This is the wood of the cross, on which hung the Saviour of the world.

Come, let us worship.'


St John's, Horsham said...

Wishing Fr Miceal and all the parishioners of St Anne's a very


From all at St John's, Horsham

Khoi said...

Lovely photographs!

Anonymous said...

Your Altar of Repose looks like it needs a lot of work, it likes poorly! For next father you need a curtain at the back to hide the baptismal items. You need to put a cloth ot nice white or Gold fabric over that font maybe with a bigger piece of wood to make an mensa. so you can put better flowers to adore our Lord. Happy Easter though the Church for looks lovely for such a great feastval!

Flick Saunders said...

Anonymous, did you actually see the Altar of Repose? I was not aware of any baptismal items behind and I cannot agree that a curtain would add anything. The flowers there were beautiful-the poignency of the scene was most fitting.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou but if you look again at the Photo the back has a jug or water pot and a the banner with baptismal symbols! The curtain ok i agee may be not needed. But all baptismal symbols should be taken away because at this point it an Altar of waiting and watch with the Lord in His angony trying staying awake. Also in Passiotide all baptismal symbols Easter candle,Holy Oils and all other things and later Holy Water are removed and hidden.To be re-ermgere at the Vigil where every thing transfomed by Our Lords Paschel Mystery.
The Altar of repose should a place which is fine, noble and simple. The Flowers of that altar are not high qulailty and pink? Lol
It just looks like a font with a tabernacle stuck on, with those black flower stands which are not very nice like that. A larger wooden self can be made to put the flowers, branch candlesticks and tabernacle can all be one together. then you can add more greenry, some blossoms and twigs, ivy and extra candles to create a place in which to Honour the Most Holy Sacrament and be with Our Lord in angoy!Sorry if i ofended you i just want to help in creating a place fitting For Our Lord and where it is easy to pray.

burseandveil said...

Anonymous makes some good points, Google 'Altars of Repose' to get an idea. Any way you have a year to think about it? Lovely Blog Fr Miceal.