Friday, 3 April 2009

Looking for a good book to buy someone for Easter?

My thanks are due to Family Publications for asking me to review Fr Francis Selman’s book, The Sacraments and the Mystery of Christ.’

The book is divided into two parts, the first part, an introduction to the sacraments, gives a general overview of the sacraments and their role in the life of the Church; and the second part devotes a chapter to each of the seven sacraments.

Fr Francis demonstrates how the sacraments are the means by which each of us in incorporated into the life of the Church and ultimately into the life of the Blessed Trinity. There are references to recent papal teaching, the Fathers of the Church and the thinking of St Thomas Aquinas.

This book is ideal for anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their faith; it provides relevant material for parish catechists and for priests who wish to preach about the sacraments.

The Sacraments and the Mystery of Christ is very reasonably priced at £9.96 and available from Family Publications.

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