Monday, 25 January 2010

The Conversion of St Paul

Today's feast marks the end of our Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. God's grace changed and transformed St Paul from a persecutor of Christians to a herald of the Gospel. This simple fact teaches us that our faith has its roots and basis in grace and the free correspondence of each human being.

In today's reading we have an account of the Conversion of St Paul when God stepped into his life. There are occasions in our daily lives when Our Lord want to attract our attention and step into our lives and tell us of the great plan he has for us. 'I stand at the door and knock'; so many times we are deaf to this knock, other times we are caught up in our own world and think we know best, and other times we are too busy, too busy with the trivia of life.

God's grace can work miracles in our hearts but He depends on our willingness to correspond to grace; 'my grace is sufficient for you'.

Let us ask Our Lord to help us to open our hearts to His grace every day.

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