Saturday, 30 January 2010

Theology of the Body for Schools . . .

One of the reasons for adding a blog list to the side bar of any blog is to make it easier for readers to access other blogs which the author thinks their readers might find interesting. I do hope that you 'dip in' to some of these blogs from time to time and see what other Catholics, both priests and laity, have to say.

One such blog is the excellent 'Love undefiled' written by Robert Colquhoun. I would highly recommend you to have a look at this blog where Robert has recently published a presentation of 'Theology of the Body for Schools'.

If you have school-aged children, I'm sure you naturally wish that they receive the best of everything in all aspects of their education. 'Theology of the Body for Schools' offers a genuine Catholic programme of PSHE which is true to the teaching of the Catholic Church.

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Khoi said...

'Love undefiled'
very interesting!
Thank you for mentioning it on your blog.