Sunday, 14 March 2010

Confession - The Forgotten Sacrament . . .

There are many excellent DVDs available on the sacrament of Confession and "Confession - The Forgotten Sacrament" from St Anthony Communications is no exception.

I don't think I can improve on the description of the video given on the web site:

"This short but powerful film begins by explaining the reality and gravity of sin and the effect it has on our lives and the lives of others. You then discover the Biblical roots of the need for a confession of sins, and the institution of Confession as a sacrament by Jesus Christ. Although presenting sin in its true light, this film focuses on the love and mercy of God - that although we are all sinners, He is always waiting, patiently, lovingly, fatherly, for us to return."

Commentary is provided by well known speakers and authors including Fr Nicholas Schofield, Fr Thomas Crean OP, Fr Marcus Holden, Fr Jeremy Davies and more.

How very timely in the light of today's Gospel of the story of The Prodigal Son that I should have received this DVD in the post yesterday.

I am sure this video would be very helpful not just for those who already frequent the sacrament but also for anyone who had been away from Confession for a while or who has difficulties with this sacrament.

Further information and details on ordering from St Anthony Communications website.

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Flick Saunders said...

A very enlightening DVD. The speakers (who were very convincing) each shed a different light on the Sacrament portraying their response to the teaching and necessity for Reconciliation.

However the over-riding factor that came over was the abundance of God's love and His desire for us to respond to this love - rather than the Sacrament being something 'which a Catholic HAS to endure', God's love through the Sacrament of Reconciliation is something which I want even long to receive and therefore going to Confession something I greatly desire to do.

I found the analogy of the 'smeared glass window' which the Holy Father refers to when describing our condition and relationship with God the longer we leave it before going to Confession, very appealing. Probably the DVD needs to be seen for my comments to have any real meaning.