Tuesday, 2 March 2010

More on the Reception of Holy Communion . . .

Following on from my earlier posts on the Reception of Holy Communion, I would like to add a few words about our prayer of thanksgiving after Holy Communion taken from 'A Curé of Ars Prayer Book.'

St John Vianney has this to say,

'I do not like people to begin to read directly when they come from the holy table. Oh no! what is the uses of the words of men when God is speaking? We must do as one who is very curious, and listens at the door. We must listen to all that God says at the door of our heart. When you have received Our Lord, you feel your soul purified, because it bathes itself in the love of God. When we go to to Holy Communion, we feel something extraordinary, a comfort which pervades the whole body, and penetrates to the extremities. What is this comfort? It is Our Lord, who communicates Himself to all parts of our bodies, and makes them thrill. We are obliged to say, like St John, "It is the Lord!" Those who feel absolutely nothing are very much to be pitied.'

My Lord and my God,
I thank you for coming to me
in the Most Holy Sacrament.
Dwell in me, fill my soul, vivify me,
and sustain me in the pilgrimage of life.
As I become more conformed
to your image and united to you,
enable me to draw others
to your Mystical Body, the Church.

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