Monday, 21 May 2012

Holy Communions - Week 2 - And a special visitor . . .

We had another beautiful First Holy Communion celebration this Sunday. As you can see our children look wonderful and very happy which is exactly as it should be. Thanks once again to our parents, catechists and school.

We were also delighted to welcome a special visitor to our Mass. His Grace Johanna Peterus Mouchi, Archbishop of the Diocese of Mosul in Iraq, is a cousin of one of our First Holy Communion children. Doesn't he look splendid in his cope and mitre?

As last week, you will find a few more photos of the day on our parish Facebook page.


Jane said...

Thank you Father for a lovely Mass. Tash couldn't stop beaming all day! And the choir were fantastic as always.

Pastor in Valle said...

Dear Fr Micheal,
I remember so well my first Communion at St Ann's on the 16th June 1968. May God bless all your young folk and their families.
Fr Seán