Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Vatican Widget . . . Keeping up to date . . .

Do you like our new widget?

The Vatican Widget in the side bar will give you instant access to news from the Holy See. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the widget to direct you to videos of the Holy Father's daily Angelus address; General Audiences; the Bulletin and latest news from the Vatican.

This is yet another tool to help us in our understanding of our Catholic faith.

Throughout our lives we are growing and developing as human beings and the same is also true of our Catholic faith. We don't stop reading and learning once we've mastered our first book in the Reception Class; we continue to grow and develop throughout our lives.

In a similar way, we deepen our understanding and knowledge of our faith, from the day of our Baptism, through First Holy Communion and Confirmation and for the rest of our lives. It is an ongoing process. I do encourage you to take every opportunity to learn more about our faith.

We have a regular supply of Catholic newspapers available in the church porch which give excellent coverage of news related to the Catholic Church and Catholic teaching; from parish level, through local, diocesan and national news up to international events.

For those who are fortunate enough to have access to the Internet there is a seemingly endless supply of articles, videos and audio links concerning Catholic teaching.

From time to time I do try to put items on the parish Facebook page that I think are particularly interesting and helpful. I hope you have a look sometimes. There is no need to have a Facebook account yourself to see these items, just click on the link in the sidebar and it will take you straight to the parish page.

We are having 'teething problems' with our new Vatican Widget. It seems to have disappeared all by itself! We are waiting to hear how to remedy this from those that know. Meanwhile we ask for your patience please.


Anonymous said...

We love the Vatican widget Fr. Miceal!Although not facebook users,we truly enjoy the youtube clips we can access!The most recent ones in relation to confession were so inspiring.Thanks to your good example and efforts,we are more or less walking the straight road now!Thank you!

Anonymous said...

If you rediscover how to load it, please let me know how!

Best wishes.....that was great photo of first Communicants.

Fr Míċeál Beatty said...

Thank you, Father. Yes, it is very frustrating that we have lost the Vatican Widget. We have tried to re-install it but without success. We are now waiting for an answer from Rome!