Sunday, 20 March 2016

The travelling Icon pays a visit to St Ann's . . .

We have been privileged this weekend to have the travelling Icon of Our Lady of Consolation in our parish as part of the Diocesan initiative for the Year of Mercy.

The Icon has been not only in our parish church but also paid a visit to the nearby prison HMP High Down and our parish school of St Anne's. 

We were fortunate that the Icon was with us on Friday evening during our Stations of the Cross.  

This added to the very prayerful atmosphere in the church and enables those present to venerate the image before or after the devotion.

The travelling Icon is an opportunity for all of us to pray in a special way asking for Our Lady's intercession on our behalf during the Year of Mercy. This is especially valuable for those who are unable to make a pilgrimage to one of the Holy Doors that have been set up across our diocese.

The original Icon is to be found at the Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation in West Grinstead and this is an ideal destination for a pilgrimage to enter through the Holy Door during this Holy Year.

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