Thursday, 8 May 2008

Books for children

Today the postman delivered a parcel of some new books for children published by the Catholic Truth Sociey. They are all by well known Catholic authors. I've had a quick look at them and they look excellent. They contain colourful illustrations which will immediately appeal to younger children and the content contains very good, sound Catholic teaching. We have a sample of each of the 11 books which will be on sale in our parish repository. Further copies may be ordered via the parish or if you are visiting Westminster Cathedral , you should be able to find them in the CTS shop in the Piazza.

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Sophie said...

Hi, can I draw your attention to the new website of the publishers, The Catholic Truth Society (CTS).

It’s got some downloadable publications on it, plus it’s got a great range of Catholic books, DVDs and other things.

We’d appreciate if you could review it in your blog.

Thanks, Sophie (CTS)