Thursday, 22 May 2008

An unexpected visitor ...

Fr Paul D'Arcy SMA popped into the parish early this week as he had come over to England to take part in Chichester parish's Golden Jubilee celebrations. It really was a flying visit and I know he was sorry not to have had time to meet more parishioners during his short visit.

It was good to have a chance to meet him properly at last after hearing so much about him from everyone in the parish. It was also interesting to chat to him about the parish and to show him any changes that have taken place since he left Banstead to go back to Ireland and and the SMA Provincialate in Cork. He was interested to take a look at the gallery as he had a lot to do with the project in the planning stages and he was very pleased with the result. He also took a look at the Garden of Remembrance, another project that was more or less completed whilst Fr Paul was parish priest.

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Cindy said...

Yes, it was good to see Fr Paul again, even briefly. I thought he looked very well.
Being back in Ireland and with his SMA community obviously agrees with him!