Monday, 16 June 2008

Going Forth Mass with Bishop Kieran

Yesterday our usual 10.00am Mass was also the 'Going Forth' Mass for our First Holy Communion children - 39 in all. We were very lucky in that Bishop Kieran was able to be with us for the occasion to preside at Mass.

One lucky child receives a blessing from Bishop Kieran after Mass.

It was difficult to get a good photo in church with all the excitement afterwards. Here is one effort, with apologies to those children who have not quite managed to squeeze into the shot. If anyone has any good pictures and they would like to email them to me at the parish address, then I'll be happy to include them on the blog in the next few days.

Here is a shot from the balcony which gives you an idea of the difficulty in obtaining a clear photo!

After Mass we all went into the hall to enjoy the beautiful cake made by Sue Towersey. These young men were obviously having a good time.

And here is the cake in question. Luckily I took a photograph before it was taken over to the hall, otherwise it would just have been a photograph of a plate full of crumbs!

It was good to see all generations of our parish family enjoying the occasion.


EJ said...

What a lovely day you had for it. The pictures look great!

Louise Hartfield said...

What a lovely Mass and a great day. It was lovely to see Bishop Kieran, and I know that my son, Jamie, was very excited.

How nice to see all the children come together with their beautiful clothes and all looking so happy.

We have found the whole experience of Jamie taking his First Holy Communion wonderful.

Thank you Fr. Miceal and to all those involved.

And the cake was delicious x