Monday, 12 October 2009

New Parishioners' Evening . . .

Our parish continues to go from strength to strength with many new young families and last night we hosted a New Parishioners' Evening to welcome them to our parish.

Although not everyone was able to attend, we had a fair number of new and 'old hands' who did come along to the hall after Mass to enjoy a glass of wine and a chat.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get around to chat with everybody but those I did meet commented on the friendliness of our parish and the beauty and reverence of our Sunday celebrations.

This is a great compliment to our parish and parishioners.

If you are among those who were not able to come along last night, do please make a point of having a chat with me after Mass on any Sunday. Why not come along and join us for coffee in the hall after the 10am Mass on Sundays?

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