Friday, 24 July 2009

Three cheers for Iain Duncan Smith . . .

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I was very pleased to read comments in this week's Catholic Times about a 'Think-Tank' set up by Catholic MP Iain Duncan Smith which has backed traditional marriage whilst rejecting equal rights for co-habiting couples.

The Centre for Social Justice has also called for a cooling-off period for spouses considering divorce. The report "Every Family Matters" calls for a far-reaching overhaul of the law aimed at putting marriage and traditional family life firmly back on the agenda.

What a contrast between this report and the recent comments by the chief executive of Marriage Care (formerly the Catholic Marriage Advisory Council) who claimed last week that 'the Church discriminates against single parents, cohabiting couples and same-sex families because they fall short of the Vatican definition of family.' If you'd like to read the full article you'll find it on the front page of this week's Catholic Times.

Update February 2013
What a shame that Mr Iain Duncan-Smith appears to have changed his mind about what exactly constitutes marriage as understood by the Catholic Church, and traditional family life. See here

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