Sunday, 26 July 2009

A Bevy of Beautiful Babies for Baptism . . .

Today we had plenty to celebrate at St Ann's. It is the feast of St Joachim and Ann as I've already mentioned, but we also had three baptisms - what a lucky coincidence that these three families had chosen our parish feast day to present their babies for baptism.

In the picture you can see the Magill family whose daughter Eloise Mary was baptised by our Deacon Kevin during the 10 O'clock Mass. Eloise's parents, Daniel and Claire, also celebrate their wedding anniversary today, so yet another celebration - no wonder there were smiles all round.

Shortly afterwards at midday, I baptised Joseph Mario Cirillo and Isabella Paciolla - more smiling faces!

Please keep all these families in your prayers at this special time. We ask for the intercession of St Joachim and Ann, a perfect example of Christian parenthood,

St Joachim and Ann, pray for us.


Cindy said...

It was lovely to be able to share in the Magill family's celebration at Mass today.

It was quite special also to see so many of the children at Mass (some of them would know Claire as one of the teachers at our parish school) coming to the front of the church near the baptistry to witness the baptism close up.

It was a very special family, and parish family, occasion. Thank you Claire and Daniel for allowing to share it with you.

Maria and Lewis said...

Maria & Lewis

St Ann's has always been a very beautiful and simple church.It is this very simplicity that reflects the love of God and touches the hearts of all, who enter this Holy place.Warm greetings to the little ones who were baptised and their families.