Saturday, 25 July 2009

Why do you wear those funny clothes?

"Why do you wear those funny clothes?"

Yes, I was actually asked this one day. Admittedly by a very young child whose family were not church goers and this child had probably never seen a priest in clerical dress before.

Now our young altar servers are used to seeing me in 'these funny clothes' and I hope they don't think there's anything 'funny' about them at all.

Sometimes, however, when in the sacristy before or after Mass I take the opportunity to talk to the young servers about the vestments worn by the priest and what they symbolise.

Whilst looking for some good pictures of vestments on the Internet, I came across this video which I think you might find interesting. It is a little long (about 5 minutes) but worth watching as the priest explains very clearly and demonstrates how and why each item is worn, as he is vesting.

I hope you find it helpful.

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Khoi said...

'They are not funny clothes' for me.

However, I found the video on the Liturgical Mass Vestments very interesting. This will be part of my RE lesson. Thank you Fr Miceal for sharing it with us.

To know the meaning of each vestment (what each one symbolises) will help church-goers to understand more about the Church and the Priests.