Monday, 17 August 2009

"Good Master, what must I do to inherit eternal life?"

The scene pictured in today's Gospel is when a young man comes and kneels before Jesus and asks that question, 'Good Master, what must I do to inherit eternal life?'

This rich young man had a desire to give himself, to love more . . . maybe he was unhappy with his life.

Jesus tells him to keep the commandments, and the young man replies that he has obeyed them, and asks what he is lacking. This is indeed the question that many people ask when they recognise that something is missing in their lives.

Jesus is instructing the young man to leave behind all of his possessions, that is the invitation to empty his heart of its possessions and to fill it with things of God; in other words to exchange a love of worldly possessions for love of Christ.

But the young man was not generous and went away sad; he chose to keep his riches which he could enjoy for a few years and lost his opportunity to have Jesus whom he would have forever.

Jesus meets us very often at the pathways of life, He asks a lot from us so as to give us more.

It may happen that Our Lord will invite us to follow Him more closely, without leaving our position in this world. Our Lord asks us to give of our best at all times no matter what our vocation.

Vocation is the most important aspect of our lives. When we've found our vocation it should occupy all our energies with the help of God's grace.

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