Monday, 24 August 2009

Possible Reforms to The Newer Form of the Roman Rite . . .

Amongst the many blogs that I follow, I notice that Fr Tim Finigan of The Hermeneutic of Continuity has recently posted a very interesting item on possible reforms of the newer form of the Roman Rite (i.e. the form of the Mass with which most of us are familiar, instituted by Pope Paul VI, and which has been used as the usual form of Mass in most parishes since the Second Vatican Council.)

As Fr Tim writes, 'Rorate Caeli has the translation of an article in yesterday's "Il Giornale" by the respected vaticanista Andrea Tornielli. Apparently a document with several propositions regarding the newer form of the Roman Rite has been submitted to the Holy Father for his approval. Some of the propositions deal with the use of Latin, communion in the hand, and the orientation of the priest.'

From time to time, people ask me about these points; I recommend this article to you here and hope that it might answer some of your queries.

Once again, I would be very interested to hear your reaction to the article.


burseandveil said...

Its good times but i can't help feel that here in england these reforms will be miss understood and will not come to much! This is a shame but i think its the lack of teaching and prayer! But there is a lot of good and priest's like you Father and you have a real opertunity to make a diffrence! You also have a good a parish and some very fine people so i am sure that you will be able to make a diffrence priest and people. I have also noticed that once people pray the light comes on and people see the need for Holy Church and all her wisdom and there is new thrist and new movment inside where people want and need a spirtual life and they are so very happy when you given them back there cathoilc faith! How many of our churches and our sunday Lituriges do not resemble cathoilc worship! The reform of the reform can happen at i am sure it has already started to happen at St Anns! Go for it Fr give your people and your self the Cathoilc faith. God bless you!

maria said...

Dear Fr Miceal
Thank you for allowing us to express our views on the proposals.
As for the use of Latin in the mass although not fluent in the language, personally I find that some prayers are welcome;having lived partly in the era when masses were still in latin!
However most will not understand anything and there is the risk, that one may get distracted from the very thing the church is trying to do which is to regain the respect and veneration due to God from His people!
As for communion: receiving the Sacred Host in the palm of the hand, is the one moment one can intimately look at Jesus before swallowing. It is as though Jesus holds out His hand to us, and we in turn put ours in His! Ultimately God is more interested in our hearts in that moment and not too worried about if it is the palm or the mouth by which we receive Him!
As for the orientation of the priest: In the old rite I never fully appreciated what the priest was doing,apart from the beautiful moment of raising the Host and Chalice to the foot of the cross above the altar. This was so impressive that it still moves me today to see, the consacration done this way!
Perhaps the answer to this proposal lies in the following question: If God were to appear for all to see with their human eyes, how would we adore Him?

Father may God bless you for all you do for us, and for all the times we may not have understood your efforts; may He pardon us!

Perhaps we can make a parish novena to St Jean Marie Vianney and St Therese, to guide the Pope in these proposals. More importantly the grace to protect the Pope and the Church in its final decisions!

Well done to burseandveil for sharing the importance of prayer. The church has never needed support and light as much as it does these times. The Holy Spirit penetrates the Universe when a soul prays!God bless!