Monday, 25 August 2008

Another landmark - thanks to all readers

Well, I can hardly believe it! We've made the 2,000 'hits' mark much quicker than I would have anticipated. As we opened a bottle of champagne (metaphorically speaking) for the 1,000 hits, I thought it only fitting that we should have 2 bottles for the 2,000 mark. Please take a glass from the tray and enjoy a 'virtual' toast with me in celebration.

And, as I said in my earlier post, thank you to everyone who reads this blog and please say a prayer for the 'blogger' and for our parish.


Cindy said...

Why should it just be a 'virtual' toast Fr Míċeál? We'll drink a real toast to the blog this evening at dinner time, tho' I don't think we can run to such a good bottle as in your picture!

layperson said...

I can almost taste the champagne
Fr Miceal! Well done and happy

khoi said...

Cheers Fr Miceal, to the next 1000 hits!

You are in our prayers.

Louise Hartfield said...

Congratulations Fr Miceal, let me know when you need another bottle for the next 1000 hits!

elsa said...

Well done to you for keeping us all so interested in the blogs! Cheers!