Monday, 11 August 2008

A regular visitor ...

We are delighted that Fr Stephen Dingley is able to celebrate Mass in the parish this week as he is in Banstead visiting his family. Fr Stephen is enjoying a well-earned break from St John's Seminary, Wonersh where he is on the teaching staff.

It is always a great joy to see Fr Stephen, especially as he's 'one of our own'. We wish him a very restful break.

This photo of Fr Stephen was taken by Mr Mark Sculley, Headmaster of The John Fisher School, Purley, during the Consecration of the School Chapel in January this year for the 50th Anniversary celebrations. Thanks to the Hermeneutic of Continuity from whose blog I 'borrowed' the photo and extracted this picture of Fr Stephen. Fr Stephen is an old boy of the school as many of you will know. As there are many current and past pupils of The John Fisher School in the parish, some of you may have been present at this event.


layperson said...

It was a lovely Mass today,
celebrated by Fr Stephen.
He roused us all up to sing
our hearts out to The Blessed
Virgin! I particularly enjoyed
his Homily and he explains the
readings and Gospel so clearly as
to hold your interest.

I was also reminded today of a
charming little festival I went
to in Greece a couple of years
ago - The Miracle of The Snakes
in a village called Markopoulo,
Kefalonia. It reminds you of
Lourdes, seeing people hobbling
down some steep steps, some on
crutches to get to this beauti-
ful church, full of exquisite
Icons and these tiny little
snakes brought out and placed
on people in the hope of being
healed. Have any of you been?
If you click on Kefaloniasnakes
and Divine Miracles:Pictures of
the Greek islands, I am sure you
will be enchanted too.

khoi said...

I totally agree with you, layperson, regarding Fr Stephen.
I learnt something new in his Homily. He made things so easy to understand.