Monday, 4 August 2008

Some very energetic parishioners ...

Anyone walking past St Ann's on Sunday morning would have been excused for thinking that the Tour de France had taken a detour!

Chris Donovan, Headteacher of our Parish Primary School, St Anne's and three fathers of children at the school, Matt Carr, Richard McKenzie and Mark Sullivan were setting out on their sponsored cycle ride to Arundel cathedral. As you can see from the first picture two of the children came to cheer their Dads on their way.

A fourth parent from the school, Mark Oliver, accompanied the intrepid cyclists in his van to provide support if necessary (and also to bring the weary home in more comfort afterwards).

Ready for the off. How many miles did you say it was?!

Don't they look a happy bunch, and so they should be after achieving their goal. Well done all of you. We look forward to hearing how much you've raised for St Anne's School Building Fund. By the way, I'm sure it's not too late to make a donation if you didn't manage to sign the sponsorship form beforehand!

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