Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Saint Monica

Today we celebrate the feast of St Monica, the mother of St Augustine. Through her prayers and patience she was able to convert both her pagan husband and his mother to the Catholic faith.

Of her three children, two of them entered the Religious Life but St Augustine proved much more difficult. St Monica had to pray for him for 17 years. She was strengthened in her resolve by a vision she had received and her persistence paid off as St Augustine was baptised by St Ambrose in 387.

St Monica died later that same year on the way back to Africa from Rome in the Italian town of Ostia.

What a marvellous example she is for us of Christian motherhood and a great source of consolation and encouragement for many mothers. A reminder to all of us that we should be persistent in our prayers as they will be always be answered.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Fr. Miceal - inspiring!